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Established in 1982, QINGDAO ASSOCIATED TEXTILES GROUP IMPORT&EXPORT CO., LTD mainly deals in import and export business of various textiles, pure cotton and blended fabrics, various knitting and woven clothing. It is a large foreign trade enterprise integrating textile export, knitted and woven clothing export, importing materials, importing sample processing, joint venture, compensation trade, cooperative production and technology and equipment import. The company has a number of textiles and apparel cooperative production enterprises, advanced equipment, strong technical force, with textiles, dyeing, knitti...

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    Corporate honor


    Corporate honor



Safety and green decoration
Enterprise spirit

Honesty, rigor, unity and innovation.


Repeat inspection layers of checks
Business Philosophy

Customer satisfaction is our pursuit.


Category range to create a comfortable living space
View on Talents in Enterprises

Selecting talents by virtue,and developing industy by talent.


Excellent quality and lightweight fast
Enterprise style

Seeking truth and pragmatism, and striving to make progress.


Twenty-ninth East China Import and Export Commodity Fair

Twenty-ninth East China Import and Export Commodity Fair

Our company participated in the 29th East China Import and Export Commodity Fair, booth No. 64-72, C District, E5 Hall....

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